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Monuments and Markers
in Westmoreland County, PA and Fayette County, PA

Davis Monuments Inc. Provides Beautiful Monuments and Markers

Davis Monuments Inc. offers our customers in the counties of Westmoreland and Fayette, PA beautiful and durable cemetery monuments and markers. Honor your loved one with a thoughtful custom monument, headstone, or marker in granite, marble, or bronze. Our talented artisans can craft any shape or size of monument, but we recommend you check with the cemetery to comply with its specifications. Give us a call at (724) 887-5080 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to ask about our monuments and markers or if you have any other questions. Evening and Sunday appointments are available.

Types of Cemetery Monuments and Markers

Single Slant Marker: Sits flat on a granite base, but the front is angled.

Double Slant Marker: Designed for two or more people. Sits on a granite base, but the front is angled.

Single Monument: Upright headstone in various shapes and sizes.

Double Monument: Upright headstones designed for two or more people in various shapes and sizes.

Grass Level: Flat stone flush to the ground.

Hickey: Similar to grass level but slightly elevated and sloped back to front.

Bronze: Flat marker that comes with or without a vase.

Baby Markers: Marked to identify the graves of babies. They’re smaller than an adult grave.

Pet Markers: Pet markers lay flat on the ground.

Benches: Benches can be personalized to remember your loved one.

Statues: Statues can come in a range of sizes with inscriptions.

Specialty Monuments: Any size or shape of monument, and they can come in a variety of colors.

Etched Monuments: Laser etching with unique lettering or artwork.

Our Artisans Can Craft Thoughtful Custom Monuments

Davis Monuments Inc. is able to customize a thoughtful and beautiful cemetery monument for your departed loved one in the Greensburg, PA, or Latrobe, PA area. With our customization, we can craft a monument that can have unique shapes, specialized hand carvings, favorite quotes, favorite scenes, epitaphs, and much more.

We want you to be happy with the monument that is as unique as your loved one was.

Choosing a Simpler and Budget-Friendly Marker

For those with a smaller budget, cemetery markers are much simpler and less expensive, than monuments. Davis Monuments Inc. can provide you with a well-crafted cemetery marker that will still serve as a wonderful memorial. Markers can still have inscriptions, shapes, symbols or epitaphs if you want them. The cemetery markers can stand upright or be at grass level.

Contact us when you need to order a monument or a marker. Our compassionate professionals will gladly meet with you to discuss your needs.